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How do we create outstanding projects?

Application design requires certain skills, experience and knowledge to make it work. The people involved in the development process should follow the guidelines and steps necessary to add ideas that have not been made before. This is how we organize workflows in our app design agency. We have to follow the standards and instructions, but at the same time, all employees tend to be creative and innovative.

Our agency, and build a software which can have a positive value for your business. We are proud of the team, and this team is fanatical about designing and completing the app to meet customer requirements. Whether you have an established business, a way to motivate employees, increase brand awareness or a small business which will flow into a top-notch agency, contact us and we will introduce the high technology solutions with the best availability and response.

Design Availability

The first visit to the new feature is similar to the trip you've never traveled. Although there are beautiful attractions and buildings around, but no one would want to get lost in the new environment. At first glance is to let the customer stay on the site or leave it. This makes usability a problem app designers must pay attention to in advance.

From the visitor's point of view?

Even if you are a beginner in web design, you will eventually learn that availability comes and then it is aesthetics - not the other.

More qualified application designers, such as our software development agencies, will say that the interface is a very subjective problem, because people have different tastes.

Usability is also subjective. Fortunately, in our design agency, we have enough experience to predict user behavior and make logic any possible visitor software.

Load speed

As we all know, speed is very important. We live in the age of innovative technology, in this era, it opens Google time to less than half and inserts the search query. So if the user finds the difficulty of your page, they will make another site more user friendly and less intimidating. You only have 7 to 5 seconds to keep them and your attention.

Design corresponds to a theme

As mentioned above, you can provide all the information you need in just a few seconds and describe the services or products you offer. Nothing is as useful as the exact and memorable mark on the font, the background, and the corresponding style.

Visual support

Printed products, such as newspapers and magazines, have columns, sections, and other visual elements to segment content and make reading easier. Although networking and unpacking products are different, they also have the same idea - the simplest and most convenient way to reach customers.

This does not mean that we should provide information like newspapers, but we must provide visitors with tips to find the right information. Pay attention to the part, title and source, our agency's professional team to ensure customers spend time on the page.


When it comes to web design development, we generally choose desktops and smartphones, tablets, and laptops to choose between wireless or 4G connections - do it 24 hours a day, every day online. If the site is mobile, it will be accessed twice again.

There are several ways to make a site suitable for mobile devices. We can develop the mobile version of the website, develop responsive or adaptive design. Contact the experts to choose the right solution for your project.


Our designers will never fail to tell visitors what's needed in the shortest time possible - faster and faster: remember the rules by three clicks. Through our app design agency, you can ensure that visitors find what they need in three clicks. We work tirelessly on the menu, we analyze the elements of the agency, a group of filters, so that navigation is convenient.

Make Your Best Solution

The evolution of technology gives people the opportunity to use a variety of devices to obtain information from other sources. For developers and designers, the process of developing the Web is more difficult. Products should be optimized for smartphones, tablets, televisions, desktops and meet users' needs.

The logo is the cornerstone of the company brand. However, in the process of optimizing the app, the logo is ignored. Normally, they can only be reduced to the corresponding space. For a simple rectangle, it can be successful, but when it comes to unique fonts and details, it does not work: they are almost indistinguishable.

In the agency, competent designers prepare a variety of options for the same logo in a variety of shapes (horizontal, vertical, short, tall, with or without a trademark, etc.).

  • Reduce the details. There are not many detailed signs lately. However, it is always necessary to first simplify the logo and reduce the details of making the logo
  • Reorganization. Move the logo marker to the last one.
  • Step by step. Deleting small, step-by-step details is an excellent decision to adapt to the logo. Company name logo to sign a huge exit.

There are only a few chances to make the app logo recognizable and memorable scans that limit the small screen today. Send a notification to our app development agency and we'll set the best logo for your business style.

Designed for blind users

Approximately 8 to 10% of men and 0.5% of women suffer from color or color differences, which means that all 10 people who use the app are Darwinian. Is there a way to ensure that the interface is also suitable for all possible user needs? There is a lot of controversial information about how application design should be accurate for people with poor color vision.

In our agency, we conducted a study based on six years of experience to find the key points to achieve the appropriate color level of the app interface.

Use color symbols and graphics

Our designers not only rely on color to specify the conditions of certain processes. As an example, some forms of Darwin do not allow users to see the red error when populating the record. One of the decisions will include the use of color indicators and graphic symbols with instructions.

In fact, Mark Zuckerberg (Mark Zuckerberg) because of colorless vision and hard to distinguish between green and red difference. So the Facebook color scheme is blue. As he said in an interview: "Blue is my richest color, I see all the blue gradients."

Why is the design suitable for people with disabilities?

First, you think, "There are seven billion people, why the interface should be optimized if it visits my site is so low. However, if you consider creating a user with color blindness when designing an app design, there is a greater chance that this will improve the overall interface and ease of use.

Developing generic app design does not mean that the eyes are not beautiful. On the contrary, designers will be easier to understand and use more enjoyable.


We always recommend that you choose an app palette that consists of multiple primary colors. Keep in mind that less color means the better interface, not just the color of the blind. People usually respond better to less curly pages that do not irritate the eyesight.

Samples and textures as a comparison tool

If the designer only depends on the contrast level, the user may consider making it difficult to distinguish between charts and schemas. Our development agency professionals are always trying to emphasize the texture and elements of the sample - it will help the user better understand the information.

Avoid misleading combinations

Our designers are well aware of the palette. Because Darwinism takes many forms, it is difficult to say what is the "safe" choice of app programming. There are some combinations that are difficult for people with light color.

  • green + red
  • blue + purple
  • green + blue
  • green + black
  • gray + blue
  • green + gray.

Unfortunately, there is no general solution to this problem. However, you can rely on our experts and their advice in planning your future apps.

Mobile UI Design Trends

Trends in mobile device app design are constantly changing. The user switches to a faster device that requires the best app. To this end, the developer's goal is to create an absolutely intuitive and convenient user experience no one has ever seen.

However, if the user loses the appearance and navigation of the app, this means that the UI design does not perform its primary purpose.

Hide navigation

Hidden navigation is not a recent revelation. However, it has been in the shade for a long time. And finally, it's a good time to introduce this feature. The designer began to hide the function, leaving space for the audience. One of the ways to hide navigation is to create a so-called navigation box. It is located in the main menu only when needed, the rest of the time is not visible.

Scattered background

Even though the mobile device has a small screen, this does not mean that the developer will stop creating interesting topics and sources. Today, image propagation is used in the background to keep users interested in the functionality of the app.

  • Personalization is the key

Bright colors and fun interfaces create a broad user experience. The attractive new design involves more people using and adapting apps to fit their needs. This app attracts interesting messages and user notifications. Apply to become the best friend, create a function that we can not live without.

Rebound card design

The draft of the card is a useful and efficient tool for mobile and friendly web apps. The card helps you split and put the content right on the site. They allow the loading of multimedia objects and attract more traffic to the site. In addition, they show the user that they can choose the option so that the design responds more quickly to their requirements.

Draw the material again

The material design is provided by Google in 2014. At the moment, there are many apps and sites that use this technique, because it provides simplified and fast loading effects (gradients, animations and hierarchical representations). The design of the material is connected to the draft. Therefore, these two will definitely appear in the digital market, the latest products.

  • Calm tray

Even less today. Check out the popular apps we all use: Pinterest, Facebook, etc. Everyone insists on a multi-shaded color scheme. It is similar to flash, and the bold color is not as attractive as the sleek and silent. But that does not mean you should catch up and change the color of the brand. Use the same color, but in a fine and elegant way - try not to overdo it.

Need to design the perfect app?

If you have trouble answering the question "How to design a perfect app," we can make suggestions to our app development agency to end care.

App design is a difficult process, but here at the world-renowned agency we have the opportunity to showcase the skills, knowledge and professionalism. Our work is very good and we can provide many examples of previous work. So you can understand that we are undoubtedly your best choice.

Contact us. We are ready to help act better than eloquence. Let's work together to create great apps - this will help your business thrive in the app!