App Developer in London: IT Solution for your Success

We are a software development company based in London, an expert team of IT experts that has an infinite imagination and perfect skills.

We are specialising in developing custom applications that increase productivity and advance businesses in the most diverse industries.

Development of Professional Apps

The distinction between us from London and a number of different mobile and web developers from around the world is that of experienced designers and experienced programmers who collaborate to create visually appealing and highly functional software. It is a wonderful team. Over the years, we have developed lean software development strategies to provide the best solution within tight deadlines and budgets. By communicating closely with customers, we guarantee that the products provided by us will meet business objectives, productivity will improve and revenues will increase. Our development process has been proven over time and we have already produced hundreds of internationally recognized products.

Complex Mobile App and Web System

Our developers in London are building the most complex and technically advanced apps. We are not afraid of challenges and we always fight perfectly. Our permanent and innovative creators have developed a comprehensive platform that includes sophisticated and skillfully sophisticated programs such as financing, complex accounting structures, complex business software, transportation tracking tools.

Mobile Commerce

Each year, customers spend a lot of money on online purchases. Based on the statistics of last years, most of the purchase is made from mobile devices and this amount is growing year by year. Therefore, if you are still not hiding the market from a smart phone, it’s the best time to do the next step to digital development. If you have an existing online platform for advertising products and services, you can integrate all the objects in the software or optimize the mobile site for mobile use. Developers in London have the right to bring superior products that add value to customers' businesses and attract customers.

Our experienced developers and website designers in London are incredibly e-commerce and m-commerce systems for many other industries, such as travel, doctors, schools, entertainment, food, delivery service. We are building a quantity of that. Estimate the development price according to the financial needs and the needs of the client, and ensure that the clients' investment is made in a short time.

Native App

vNative applications tend to consider apps. The user downloads from the store. They are saved in the device and activated by touching the icon.

Development of native apps

The distinction between native and alternative programs is that they are designed and coded for a single operating system that utilises special tools. For example, the iPhone program is written in Objective-c, Android - Java, and so on.

Each mobile platform offers its own possibilities, interface elements and standardized SDK. Our professional developers in London create complete native applications for each business purpose, including new customer participation and optimization of internal workflow.

There are many advantages to prioritise native programs.

  • They provide users with the fastest, most reliable and most responsive experiences.
  • You may benefit from a wide range of functions such as camera, microphone, compass, accelerometer, gesture slide, etc.
  • Developers integrate push notifications to warn the user each time a new version is published or warn them when attention is needed. This is an important method of participation. Companies get opportunities to provide continuous support to the target audience.
  • The user spends time in the app. The popularity of mobile programs has grown substantially and continues to increase.
  • Access to the function of the device, proper design of the native app, not only compliance with the design pattern and standard of each platform. There are hundreds of differences in the design of user interactions on all platforms. Considering this, developers in London are developing products that are easy to operate in the ecosystem of the platform.

Convert Web Experience to Native App

If you already have a successful website, it fascinates users and is useful for mobile devices, but it still does not cover all the target users of mobile device users. If you want to reach new people or provide additional conditions to current loyal customers, it is better to create native applications that can be distributed in the store. Our developers in London have extensive experience in the creation of multipurpose applications that adhere to the most demanding requirements.

Evaluate existing web experience

Step 1 of creating the app is to examine the existing Internet site. Our London researchers will analyze what is not effective in your web experience and make preliminary discoveries. The developers fully understand how to apply this awareness to improve existing websites and web applications and gather initial ideas of future products. Let's say you're a grocery store. On this website you can prepare a weekly shopping list. Should the solution provide if the user is just a tool to create personal shopping lists or a single one?

Our developer in London definitely recommends what you choose. Instead of incorporating new features and products into software products, it may be better to optimize the current functionality so that customers could operate the service from the device.

Some companies prefer that users offer customers new ways to interact with brands inside and outside the store. Users may customize, order and pay for products and services within the app

Detect viewers

When you fully understand who uses the website, it is time to decide whether similar clients will use the app or other users. By researching the current website, London specialists will be able to find key groups of potential missing potential users and limit the way in which current customers can interact with their company.

An example of Google Analytics or similar tool is an excellent environment for these purposes, since it can show what platforms and devices are used to visit the site. In addition, you can track what customers are doing with resources, or that they are not running with resources. To use the example from the previous shopping list, users on the website are developing a shopping list, but before saving, printing or sending the list, visit the website. You can see what is falling from. This idea means that users are not really using this list and may suggest a drawback that may be added with native apps.

Reconsider the Use Case

Not just different devices. Even if the same user interacts with the site or the app, there is the possibility of using the app for purposes other than when you visit the site at different times and places. As an example, a consumer who creates a list of supermarket items on the website may be using free time during work. When reviewing the items on the list while shopping with supermarket items, the experience of expectation, hope and urgency of that user can be quite different.

As a result, developers in London always remember the specific use case associated with mobile solutions. Can I enter the program in a crowded area? Will they have a bad connection or wireless LAN? By considering the context of the method, the timing and the condition in which the target audience uses the product, you can see that it provides a great experience when you need it or when you need it.

Several important use cases are common to the high quality products developed by our London agency. They are fast, stable, sophisticated, and intuitive. They do not provide as much statistical information as websites and can even direct users to websites for additional information and longer sessions. Since the products are maintained to the same standards as the rest of the store software, it is essential to meet design expectations. It must also look exceptional and present unique characteristics to distinguish from competitors. In fact, our app developers in London know how to incorporate these complex recommendations into high-performance software products.

Improve your Skills

You do not need to package all the features of the site in the app. Alternatively, we encourage you to always concentrate on identifying mandatory functions based on objectives and use cases. Some customers around the world with a wide range of web experiences in London and around the world organized multiple mobile solutions with specific features, a better user experience and improved business productivity.

You can also use terminal-specific functions provided by terminals such as smartphones, tablets, etc. for the functions of the app.

Some of the questions to answer regarding functionality:

  • Do you need to access the GPS location?
  • Is it combined with the consumer's calendar or can he access the contact?
  • Do you need a camera?
  • Would you need notifications?
  • Can I use it offline?

Our developers in London are constantly examining how users interact with these functions and why. If you do not need to carry out the main objective of the main audience.

Technical Skill

Our developers in London have mastered most of the mobile platforms and programming languages ​​such as HTML, PHP, Java, Ruby on Rails, Python, etc. Our London software development agency is proficient in a variety of design and open source tools. You can deploy applications with several programming interfaces and web services. If you need a cutting-edge solution created with the latest innovations, you can expect from our experts:

The team at the London headquarters will work with the JavaScript environment node.js and the library backbone.js.

Grails, Scala / Play, Nginx, Memcached, etc. We are familiar with the most advanced tools to develop sophisticated software.

Many products that we have created require complicated hosting solutions. Developers in London can configure and manage multilevel infrastructure using cloud computing platforms and dedicated hosting services.

The developers and designers of London websites also integrate Google Cloud Platform for various projects and can work in your company around the world.

All team members of IT companies in London are skillfully using modern technology to provide the most advanced solutions in the digital market.

Cooperation with professional developers

The main objective of our app developers from London is to establish a long-term partnership with all customers and offer excellent software products.

We will never be satisfied with an average result. Perfection is what we strive for. If you want to hear our professional advice and support, do not hesitate to contact us.