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About the price

What is the cost of developing an iOS app? It's a pretty common question!

In the last eight years, we have been successful in many iOS apps. We know how to produce excellent products at fair prices.

The driving force of pricing is the cost of labor. For example, hiring an offshore builder can be exponentially cheaper than hiring an in-house developer, and long-established companies have a more valuable value than independent employment.

The MVP rate for iOS programs can vary from 40,000 pounds to 80,000 pounds, since there are so many types of variables. However, the cost can vary considerably depending on the complexity of the project and the required functionality.

Obviously, both heavy money and heavy time. We will comply with the transparent prices and we will inform you every detail of the development cycle, so do not hesitate to contact us if you need a quote.

Internal and Offshore

You are hiring an iOS developer. Because they are familiar with what they are doing. The only way to develop core competencies in the programming of iOS applications is that the internal team of the development team will do so. We specialize in iOS and choose only high experts who have already demonstrated their experience through successful projects.

When choosing a company to develop apps, ask the members of the team of experts who work for the project and see the app they were working on before.

In cooperation with the distributors, we can obtain teams composed of internal developers, discuss them among themselves and evaluate communication skills. The adoption of professional iOS offshore developers saves time and money by incorporating technical knowledge into product planning.

Since you hire a team of developers who work regularly in your company, you must pay the monthly salary and must provide the staff with the necessary conditions, such as adequate facilities, training to improve skills, work area, etc. The development cycle requires many special skills and competencies, and rarely finds universal experts. In addition, in companies that are not connected to the IT industry, there is little daily work for the staff of programmers, so employers only spend useless resources.

Although the cost of developing full iOS software may seem high enough, the products you get will receive rewards in the shortest possible time and will generate long-term revenue.

Waterfall vs. Agile

Waterfall and agile development are two of the most popular app creation methods. Each one has its own function, the cost can differ considerably. Therefore, it is very important to choose the appropriate work method for the project.

The development of the Waterfall iOS app is based on having a clear plan before the project starts and it is executed carefully from start to finish. The waterfall development procedures have little flexibility, but customers know exactly what they got and what they got. However, the waterfall strategy is completely lost if the customer has questions about each phase of the business. If you need to change after completing some steps, it will take a lot of time and effort to do so. This inevitably increases the time frame and the development cost of the iOS app.

Agile development is a perfect solution if you have ambiguous ideas about what you need. The developers work on short sprints for a few weeks and improve the code. In this way, the workflow of the project is divided into tasks and distributed to separate groups working in close collaboration. Agile development requires advanced management skills and a dedicated team of developers.

There is also a hybrid approach called "iterative development". Several documents are provided, such as metal screens and models for the main screen and functions, but the team continues to discover certain aspects during the development process.

In general, the development industry has moved to an agile method. Due to the lack of basic structure, it may cost more than originally planned. However, this allows flexibility to regulate the product and comments and adjustments to take into account. With the agile approach, incremental versions are available at the end of each creation cycle, so you are more likely to get the release date and get to the market faster.

Our developers are experts in both approaches and are prepared to offer only the best service that guarantees products of the highest quality within budget and expectations.

Types of iOS applications that can be developed

Mobile solutions that transform the way you run your business: we are reputed as a top iPhone app design agency which provides mobile strategies and solutions catering our customers’ requirements and matching their business objectives. We believe that our company makes progress only when our clients’ businesses prosper.

In general terms, all iOS applications can be divided into several groups:

Basic table function - We will consider this as a hierarchical structure. There is a great theme on the home screen, and when it is clicked a new list will be displayed. IPhone email is a good example. Truly, this type is a great option for constructions and designs that are ideal for companies that need "simple" applications that provide basic information. Our developers will create applications based on tables that will be the best tool for customers.

Custom functions based on the database: this is not a specific repository, but it is the best way to analyze the content creatively. If the content load used by the client is complete, organized and displayed differently, it is an optimal solution for running iOS apps. Such development becomes more complicated and we begin to decide if we need statistics in "native" (integrated) or "dynamic" (online web service).

Game: is the most complex, from simple functions such as PONG to 3D physics engines that perform high-speed air races. It is possible for our professional developers to incorporate UX through the physical movement of the iPhone, score point, hook connection to the recreation center.

Firmware or hardware enhancements to the device: Use positive smartphone features, such as alarms, digital cameras or flash to improve functionality. One of the best examples is a camera + app that provides filters to the photos taken for smartphones and saves the images in light boxes.

Fully dynamic app: as with database-based software, these iOS applications depend exclusively on external classification.

Custom utility: iOS app that allows you to enter content material in a way that consumers choose.

Apart from that, there are several programs that are absolutely accurate and satisfy all the needs and requirements of the client, regardless of the type. Everything is possible? Just share ideas and you can find the right solutions.

The type of social app you need to develop may vary mainly depending on the amount of content that is included and the type of administration you want to add to the entire process.

It is essential to recognize that you can create applications quickly and cheaply if you understand the type of app you need to create.

Cost of Development

To estimate the cost of developing an iOS application, we need to clarify all the programming aspects of the project and identify the functionality, procedures and visualisation demands.

Here we break the normal cost for a type of sample project.

A simple table-based app - £ 10,000 to £ 40,000 - The client provides examples of all content material, a clear plan and what you need. If you know the surroundings of Photoshop, it is possible to deliver the image so you can finish this project with £ 20,000. Additional costs occur when you want to add features such as GPS locators, social network integration, bells and whistles.

Database program (native) - £ 40,000 - £ 80,000 - The client provides everything from content, images, text, sounds and more. The cost comes from the creation of product logic and the construction of all usability and playability. The content is usually eliminated after being analyzed. These tasks tend to be the heaviest because the data is driving the entire game, and the framework is particularly important.

Game - £ 50,000 - £ 250,000 - Closest baseball stadium. Even if you make it very easy, the games will become complicated quickly. Inspired by the games center, the evaluation is high, integration with the web community is complicated in some cases. The advantage of the game is that it downloads much more.

How can I Create an App in the most Profitable Way?

To create iOS products in the most profitable way, it is important to hire professional developers. And our company is the best place to find the best professional.

We think of ourselves as a leader in the creation of iOS applications and we teach you how to make your own products. We believe that each company has its own customized software and must take advantage of it.

For these reasons, the reason why an iOS app is required for companies is as follows.

  • Excellent visibility for customers.
  • Medium loyalty program to digitize.
  • Direct marketing channel.
  • Improve customer participation.
  • Establishment of brand and promotion.

Our specialists can obtain everything with a single click with absolute certainty. We are dedicating all the time and the ability to support clients in each stage of the creation of software and obtain valuable things. We have many years of experience in the iOS development market, so we have suggestions to complete the work.

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