Google Search App

Google is one of the best known search engines and has been around for some time. Google search is also available for your mobile devices and you can make your searches on them as easily as you can on your computer. With Google search it is now possible to make those searches on the go. With the updated version of Google search being released, making searches on your mobile devices is much easier.
The new updated version of Google search now lets you do searches on your mobile devices in three ways. You can type in the information for the search, you can also make a search by voice, this means no typing and is convenient if you are on the go and cannot type. You can also make searches using your camera by using Google goggles which finds search results by matching the images. To be able to use voice search and image search, you need to turn on Voice search and Google goggles in your settings after logging on to your Google account.
Google search also allows you to go back and forth between your search results and a single web page. This lets you read the information on the web page while trying other searches. The voice search is fast and accurate, Google voice search is much preferred because it is much faster than voice searches by other apps. And since it is connected to Google search engine you are more likely to get better results.
By increasing the features in Google Search, more users are likely to use Google search for their searches on the web. Since Google makes its money on Google search by having ads show up in the searches and gets paid when people click on these ads. With more people using Google search, Google has increased the chances of more people clicking on these ads thereby making it more money.
Google has also released an update to its search on Android devices. With this update you can now not only do your searches, but you can get movie ratings, real estate information in your locality as well as college sports information. It also has included a music button which will play the song.
Google search is not only one of the best search engines today but with all the added features and with newer features being added, it seems that the competition will have to just try and keep up with it. For the foreseeable future it looks like Google search is going to be on the forefront when it comes to searches.