Recent Web Projects



A geo-location-based application for sales professionals

Our client was interested in finding a more efficient way for sales representatives to manage their territory and visit their customers so that they could carefully plan the route considering all the aspects of the meeting. The customers are categorised with different marks on the map providing sales managers with additional information about them such as their status whether it is a current customer or an opportunity and others. We developed a backup that allows our customer to add information on their clientele. Developers also integrated a familiar to our customer SalesForce



A loyalty program mobile application

A clothes shop with a well-known brand decided to keep up with the time and integrate a mobile application in their customer loyalty program so that customers could get instant rewards every time they went shopping to our client’s place. The app lets scan customer’s cards and enjoy the benefit of earning 2% reward pounds for every £1 users spend in-store on non-prescription items. And then redeem the reward making a good discount. The app also notifies about promotions, member offers, and prizes.


Food loader

A mobile app for food ordering from all the restaurants

Several entrepreneurs who run their own restaurant business united their efforts and investments to create a mobile application that could boost their sales and make them more accessible than ever. We developed an app that initially provided only 15 restaurant listings, and now the number has grown up to the more than one hundred of restaurants willing to promote their services and a huge choice of cuisines. The app provides not only menu items but also customers review and ability to order the meal, track records of the orders, save favourite restaurants and many other features.



A calculator that solves equations and demonstrate a step-by-step solution

Our customers, a startup team, came to us with an idea to build an iOS app that could perform math and explain the solution with a detailed instruction of the solving process. So we needed to create a program that could combine two functionality sectors: to perform a web search for science purposes and deploy them solving maths problems. Our team developed an app that can deal with algebra, integrals, equations, limits, derivatives and many other math tasks. We utilised LATEX markup language to enable formulas display. The monetization strategy included a price for step-by-step solutions, but if a user just needs to find out the right answer without any explanation, he or she can use this app for free.



A social networking application for football fans and athletes

One of our development cases was directed at the enhancement of the relationships between athletes and their fans who want to support favourite football star or ask a question. All users can leave video posts on their news feed, sent video messages, comment replies. Q&A system lets users to interact with each other and connects athletes and their fans. We designed a simple UI to ensure intuitive navigation. Besides, the app provides a channel with real-time access to post-game videos and alerts fans when the athletes they follow is going to broadcast from the device.



A mobile application with social-networking integration that unites people with common interests

This app was developed to connect people with mutual interests in the nearby location. It is an easy way to create and discover interesting events making them either private for friends only or public inviting people with shared preferences. Users can create and join the events, comment and share their impressions and pictures, and chat with both individuals and groups. The app is integrated with Facebook API simplifying the login process, and we also made it available in multiple languages including English, Traditional Chinese, Arabic, Spanish, French, and others.